Magnolia BOD – October 22, 2023 


ALL BOD PRESENT EXCEPT: Ed Marsalis, Steven Squibb, Kevin Holyfield, Bobby Simpson, John Saulters 



3:00pm –  

Membership update from Mrs. Shannon: We currently have 1063 active members. Renewal forms will be mailed out the 2nd week of January. We will not be accepting online renewals next year. Members can drop their renewal form off at the designated drop off location at the Club OR mail it in. New membership applications will begin April 15, 2024. Membership will be capped at 1200 members. The new membership application will remain open until May 30, 2024. We will have green dues badges for each member next year. The annual membership meeting will take place at MRPC on the first Saturday in March 2024.  


3:15pm –  

Mr. Wilson provides update on finances.  

$48,100 in the checking account which should cover the expenses for the remainder of the year. 

$258,000 in the money market account which will cover the range improvements.  

In order to keep Mr. McCoy as the Range Master, membership fees need to be increased. Member fees are much lower than the competing ranges.  

Mr. Coleman made a motion to raise the renewal fee $50 from $150 to $200 for the year for renewing members. Motion approved. New membership application fee remains the same at $225 for the year.  


3:26pm –  

Mrs. Shannon brings up an issue for Mr. Lancaster who is not present at the meeting. Mr. Lancaster wants clarification on the insurance requirement for full auto agreement. Mr. Coleman states there’s no insurance policy that covers full auto. We are not moving forward with the insurance policy requirement for full auto agreements.   


3:30pm – Mrs. Shannon brings up an issue for Mr. Lancaster who is not present at the meeting. Mr. Lancaster wants to know how the new rules will be posted that are approved by the board. Mr. Sutton states the safety committee needs to meet to write the rule for drawing the holster or the CRSO needs to write the rule, and any new rules that are decided in the BOD meetings. Any new rules once written by the CRSO will be posted as a rule addendum on the bulletin board, website, and sent via email by the secretary. 


3:40pm – Mr. Coleman proposes we search for a new CRSO who can be present and attend board meetings and be present at the range more frequently, as well as hold safety committee meetings. The current CRSO isn’t able to meet bylaw requirements. Mr. Coleman suggests we talk to Mr. Lancaster and see what we can do to meet the Bylaw standards – and if unable to meet the standards – we will bring in a new CRSO or CRUSO.  


3:46pm – Mrs. Shannon brings up an issue for Mr. Lancaster (who is not present). Mr. Lancaster states we either need to allow ariel skeet or not allow it and we need written rules for it. Mr. Sutton states a skeet/shotgun range is coming and we will post signs and safety rules when that range is complete.  


3:47pm – Mr. Reno states we have finished fixing the plumbing leak – Mr. Wilson asks if we have addressed the sand issues. Mr. McCoy states we haven’t had an issue with it.  All plumbing issues have been fixed.   


3:51 pm – Mr. Reno states there is a wire down and camera that is not aimed where it is supposed to be. The fiber is working but the steel cable has snapped. We need someone with some type of lift to pull that up and back together. Mr. Pittman suggests we hire an electrician to fix the issue. Motion approved. 


3:53pm – Mr. Sutton states range 6 berm work is completed. Range 1 is done. The initial plan was taking range 4, eliminating 100yd and building a berm across 50 yds. Behind that was a development of 35 to 40 yd deep bays, and shift the outside impact berm on range 3a/b. We are moving the wing berm over the width of a wing berm. We can have three usable bays on 2 a/b/c. The front part of range 4 is strictly a 50 yd range with the target being no closer than 50 yds. We lost 100 yd range – but we gained more usable 50 yd rifle range. This will require more dirt, and fuel. Initial quote $85,000-$90,000 – Mr. Sutton proposes we proceed with the new plan since the dirt trucks are here. There’s some steel challenge stages that need about 15 yds between the wing berms. Mr. Sutton states there is plenty of room to set up the stages. Hydroseeding has been started, still have to finish 2, 3, and 4. JR will also complete the area in the back behind 3a/b, as designated shot gun area, and a skeet range.  


Mr. Coleman states there’s a lot of confusion on what is actually being completed and that we have not voted on the work. Mr. Coleman asks about the 6 acre clearing. Mr. Sutton states we are not doing that at the moment. Mr. Coleman states that since JR is here we should all the work done that is needed, creating 2 projects. Mr. Wilson states we do have the money. Land clearing for Project 1, and dirt work for Project 2. Motion approved. 


Mr. Coleman states we need one person to speak to JR – not multiple board members and members. The contact is Tom for JR. Mr. Causey suggests that we make a sketch so that we can determine what the signage needs to be. Mr. Causey will draw the work of drawing everything out. The board will discuss changing the names of the ranges at a future board meeting. 


4:45pm – Meeting adjourned.  

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