January 17, 2024  


BOD Meeting Minutes 


Absent BOD members: Kevin Holyfield, Ed Marsalis 


5:56pm: Mr. Wilson states we have $27,600 in the checking account – to make it to the first Saturday in March. Money market account had $314,530.91 now has $64,700 after all range improvements have been completed. $175,000 went to range improvements. We put in 14,000 so far for 2024 range membership renewal.  


6:00pm: Safety committee requesting CPR classes for RSOs. Class would be recommended but not required. Mr. Wes Sutterfield is a CPR instructor.  Motion made by Mr. Reno to pay instructor for CPR classes for RSO’s. Motion approved. Mrs. Shannon will contact Mr. Sutterfield and Mr. Lancaster to set these up. 


6:03pm: Safety committee requesting AMR to be on standby for large competitions. It would have to be a request for Pafford, not AMR. Mr. Sutton recommends we call Cleary Fire Department instead of Pafford. Mr. Reno states the only match we were talking about is the classic match. Motion made for match directors to contact Cleary Fire Department. Motion approved.  


6:05pm: Safety Committee would like to purchase trauma kits and AED. Mr. Wilson states we have trauma kits. Mr. Reno states those are not complete trauma kit. Mr. Coleman states the trauma kit used for competitions. Mr. Causey asks how many we have. Mr. Wilson states there is 7-10. Mr. Wilson states he’s not opposed to buying an AED. Mr. Reno states we need to make sure it’s accessible. Mr. Sutton states we do not need an AED. Had a first responder state that it wasn’t a good idea for an AED. Mr. Coleman suggests we ask the fire department if an AED is needed. Need to make sure there is training for an AED. Mr Reno states there is not training needed for an AED. Mr. Causey asks if we need to make sure the rifle competition shooters have a trauma kit. Consensus is that it’s a good idea. Mr. Causey states they put one in each box during the competitions. Mr. Reno would like for one to be available in the classroom building. Mr. Causey will take this on. Mr. Wilson recommends we talk to Cleary Fire Department about an AED. Mrs. Shannon will ask Mr. Sutterfield to make the call to Cleary regarding the AED since he is CPR certified.  


6:12pm: Mr. Reno states we need to know what shotgun members want to do on the shotgun range. Do we want anything professional built, stage built, what is the use going to be. Mr. Causey states it makes sense to talk to members who shoot shotguns. Mr. Wilson states whatever they recommend they need to aware of the land behind the shotgun range. Mr. Pittman states the angles were limited, and as far as shot going off the property, we would need to shoot to the SW corner. Mr. Sutton states we need to talk to Bill George. One of the restrictions will be the type of load that can be used on the range. Mr. Pittman states the machine looks like it would need to be set up where you have to shoot low birds to keep everything on the property. They’ll need to be adjusted so they only go at a certain angle and certain window. Mr. Causey will talk to Bob and Mr. Rankin. Mr. Pittman talk to Bill. Discussion will be continued at the next board meeting. 


6:18pm: Safety Committee recommending all rifle ranges have a light/buzzer system. Mr. Causey explains why we need the lights/buzzer system, resulting from an issue Mr. McCoy had on the ranges. Mr. Coleman states what if the buzzer system fails. Mr. Sutton states Mr. McCoy must do his job and remind the members to use the “verbal downrange commands” they were taught in the Range Usage and Safety Class. Mr. Coleman states it’s a training issue. Mr. Sutton states there’s still people who go downrange on 5 without using the light system. Mr. Coleman states we have a lot of members who have not been through the safety class since they joined many years ago. Mr. Shannon states we could do a training video and email it out to the members. Mr. Coleman makes a motion to not do the buzzer light system. Mr. Causey states Safety Committee needs to come up with alternate ideas to the buzzer light system (such as emailing videos). Motion approved.  


6:24pm: Safety Committee requesting fish eye mirrors for berms 2/3. Mr. Causey elaborates on the fish eye mirror issue. If you’re driving you cannot see people on 2/3 around the berms. Mr. Wilson asks how many people drive vehicles. Mr. Causey states 2-3. Mr. Causey states the only vehicles allowed back there should be staff. Mr. Reno states the match director needs to remind everyone to look out for the pedestrians. Fish eye mirrors not approved. Motion made to ask match directors to put a line item on the safety briefing to make sure people are paying attention and look both ways. Motion approved.  


6:28pm: Mr. Pittman states he talked to the food vendor that does the food at the annual meeting. We will feed the first 300 members for the annual meeting. Looking at doing chicken sandwiches and will adjust the price.  


Mr. Wilson states the building is available for the annual meeting if we want it. Mr. Reno states we should have it at the annual meeting because of unpredictable weather. Mr. Wilson will handle the PA system. Mr. Reno makes motion that we use Wasabi Shrine for the meeting. Motion approved. Mrs. Shannon will send an email to members that the meeting has been moved. Mr. Reno will not make the meeting due to an upcoming health issue. Mr. Sutton asks about the 4H raffle. Mr. Wilson states if someone wants to do it, we will supply the petty cash but if they don’t want to do it then that is fine. Mr. Sutton will talk to Mike to see if they’re still doing the 4H.  


6:33pm: Mr. Reno would like to address how long we should keep records. Mr. Coleman states we need to keep the waivers for 7 years. Mr. Reno states we shouldn’t need them more than a year or no more than 2 years. Mr. Causey states we should talk to the attorney to make sure. Mr. Pittman states if someone was injured the waiver would get pulled that day. Mr. Wilson states we need 3 years for federal taxes. Mr. Wilson states he has the records from 2012 to present. Mr. Pittman will contact the attorney and Mr. Wilson will contact the accountant.  


6:45pm: Mr. Causey states the competitors want to do the same weekends as last year. He spoke with match director for USPSA and steel challenge – they want to hold off for a few more months until the grass grows more.  


6:47pm: Mr. Reno states we will not do any fiscal work on the berms this year. Suggests we talk to members on what the members want on the new side of the range. Mr. Coleman and Mrs. Shannon suggest we send out a survey to members with the options for the new range area and have the general membership vote.  


6:50pm: Mr. Pittman asks if everyone on the BOD wants to stay on the BOD. Mr. Sutton states Kevin will stay on the board. Mr. Wilson is up for re-election. Mr. Wilson states we have to post it on the bulletin board for 30 days. Mrs. Shannon will get with Mr. Wilson on verbiage.  


6:53pm: Mr. Coleman asks if we have if a written job description for Mr. McCoy Mr. Pittman states we do not – and Mr. Coleman suggests we write one. Mr. Pittman states he thought we hired Mr. McCoy for 40 hours per week and he would just float around. Mr. Sutton states when there’s no one on the range he needs to be doing something in his job description and when the membership starts showing up then his job reverts back to range safety. Mr. Coleman states we draw up a written contract with duties and expectations, with a limit on 40 hours per week. Mr. Pittman will start the contract for Mr. McCoy.  


6:59pm – Mr. Reno makes a motion that we approve buying another dump truck load for the gravel. Motion approved.  



7:02pm – Meeting Adjourned. 









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